Auto Eyebrow Pencil

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Eyebrow pencil with an oval-shaped tip that allows for easy creation of your desired brow look.

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How to Use
How to use
1. Fill up the gap between eyebrows by outlining the eyebrows.
2. Follow along brow contour and comb to set the flow.

Everyone can draw your desired brow look with #Auto eyebrow pencil

Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

2016 Beauty Review Winners - Winner of Eyebrow Category

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    Super easy to draw your eyebrows with

    #Auto Eyebrow Pencil available in #7 shades, right?

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    #oval-shaped tip made easy
    for anyone to draw eyebrows

    Eyebrow pencil for defined contours of eyebrows
    Its wide, flat oval-shaped
    pencil is perfect for drawing
    wide lines when held flat and
    delicate lines at the tip of
    eyebrows when held straight.
    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    Glides on smoothly
    #Soft texture

    Soft texture for minimised
    Its soft texture
    glides over without irritating
    the skin around the eyebrows.
    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    Match the colour of
    your brows to your hair

    Pick from one of seven colours
    to match your hair colour and
    createa more sophisticated
    and sharp image.
    Clean formula is a must for your daily items!
    #9FREESystem #Clean formula
    9Free System
    Animal-originated ingredients, Mineral oil, Polyacrylamide, Imidazolidinyl urea, Triethanolamine, Tar color, Silicone oil, Artificial fragrance, Surfactants containing PEG paraben

    Easy-to-draw Auto-type eyebrow pencil

    Flat oval shaped tip & spooly brush in one

    From shaping to filling in for defined eyebrows texture

    Perfect eyebrows with just a brow pencil

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    #1 Rose Brown

    Brown with a touch of red to match reddish-brown hair

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    #2 Black

    Dark black to match jet black hair

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    #3 Dawn Gray

    Gray to match natural, undyed hair

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    #4 Ash Brown

    Ash brown to match natural brown hair

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    #5 Espresso Brown

    Espresso brown to match dark brown hair

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    #6 Urban Brown

    Streaks of brown at dawn to match medium-tone
    brown hair

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    #7 Honey brown

    Honey brown to match hair dyed in light colours

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil

    How to Use

    STEP 01

    "Lightly draw the shape of your brows, then fill in with the wide side of pencil. Take out little by little as this is an auto-type eyebrow pencil."

    STEP 02

    To finish, lightly blend through brows with a screw brush.

    Innisfree - Flat Eyebrow Pencil
    #Beauty tip for more natural color

    You can
    create a #customized color for you by
    mixing 2 types of a lighter color & darker color
    to best match your hair color and skin tone.

    Recommended for

    #Mona Lisa
    Natural color like my own browns, brow pencil for easy drawing
    #Textured brows
    Creates #textured brows with clump-free formula
    #Match hair color
    Choose from 7 colors to match your hair color
    #No more failed eyebrow
    Even beginners can even create a desired brow look #Brow pencil for beginners
    #Bare face brow pencil
    Natural brows that look good on bare face too
    Big size and a screw brush!
    Purse-friendly brow pencil
    Everyone can draw your desired
    brow look with #Auto eyebrow pencil
    Auto Eyebrow Pencil
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