Black Tea Youth Treatment Essence Set

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Set includes:

Set includes Black Tea Youth Enhancing Treatment Essence 145ml x1

Black Tea Youth Enhancing Skin 15ml x1

Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule 5ml x1

Black Tea Youth Enhancing Cream 10ml x1





How to Use
How to use
[Usage Order] Cleanser -> Black Tea Treatment Essence -> Black Tea Youth Enhancing Skin -> Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule -> Moisturizer

INNISFREE Black Tea Treatment Essence

- Effective anti-oxidation and turnover promotion with the 95% Black Tea Peptide Activator™’ formula extracted from Jeju Black Tea

- Black Tea Peptide Activator™: A new black tea antioxidant complex containing black tea extract obtained by fermenting Beauty Green Tea and 8 types of peptides.

- This formula feature an effective skin anti-oxidation assists the skin’s turnover to make skin that has become rough and dull due to excessive dead skin softer and healthier.

- This treatment essence increases skin moisture by 573% right after use along with added radiance and clarity that can be witnessed from any direction.

- Paired with Black Tea Ampoule, the absolute anti-aging ampoule, for the synergy effect of clarity and firmness on your skin.

- Suitable for Fatigue Skin.




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