Essential Shadow Palette (No. 4 Rose Gold)


An eyeshadow palette with subdivided contouring shades for a structured look 

How to Use
How to use
Gently apply the desired shade using a brush or a finger. *TIP: Use Eye Sculptor Brush to achieve a more elaborate eye makeup!
  • Quintessence_of_contouring, with 9 essential contouring shades.
    A subdivided lineup of 9 shades with matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes to allow you to create moody eye makeup look with added structure. This versatile palette comes with basic contouring shades and makes a great daily item for everyone.


  • Quintessence_of_formula, blends seamlessly without any flaking or clumping.
    The fine-textured powder containing jojoba oil blends softly and evenly without any flaking or clumping for long-lasting eye makeup.


  • Quintessence_of_color-payoff, clear and vivid without any murkiness.
    The clear and vivid colors stay clean even after building them up in several layers without feeling heavy.
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