Are all ampoules and serums the same?

Are all ampoules and serums the same?
June 11, 2024
Are all ampoules and serums the same?

Are all ampoules and serums the same?

Same same but different


Ampoules, serums, essences - what’s the difference? When I was starting my own skincare journey, I have to admit that I also avoided delving too deep into the topic. I was overwhelmed! And if I’m being very honest, I was a little scared to see what I would find. 

But now as I stand many (ahem) years later, things have changed.

Let’s take a look, shall we?


What’s in a name: are serums and ampoules different?

The thing about products called “serums” and products called “ampoules” is that exactly what they are will vary from brand to brand. For INNISFREE, for example, ampoules carry a higher concentration of their active ingredients than serums do. 

By and large, ampoules and serums occupy the same spot in a skincare routine: after toner and before lotion. So what is it exactly that would make you want to choose one over another? 

Where different serums and ampoules diverge is in their function. That’s right. It’s the purpose of a serum or ampoule that should determine why you’d choose one over the other to include in your starting lineup.


Vitamin C Green Tea Enzyme Brightening Serum 

This serum has a light, watery texture. Upon first glance, it looks clear, but if you look closer, you’ll notice juicy orange spheres in there too! These are the vitamin C capsules that the serum is named for. This brightening serum is for those looking to even out the appearance of their skin, giving it a brighter overall look.



Perfect 9 Intensive Serum

This serum has a gel-like texture that goes onto the skin smoothly. It’s made with the lingzhi mushroom and is rich with anti-oxidants to combat the nine signs of aging - probably where it gets its name!



Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Serum

This is on the list because it’s got “serum” in its name, but its actually got its very own place in a skincare lineup. It is lightweight and also has watery texture and goes on before the toning step of your routine - right after cleansing. It’s refreshing and moisturizing and a nice way to keep your moisture barrier healthy.



Retinol Cica Repair Ampoule

This light, yet creamy ampoule is for those looking to smooth out the texture of their skin. The low concentration of skin cell replenishing retinol combined with the soothing properties of cica (centella Asiatica) make it a great pick for those who may want to improve their overall skin texture.



Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule

This translucent ampoule is formulated for the busy bees and night owls. It contains Reset Concentrate™ to reset the five signs of tures skin overnight. It draws power from fermented black tea - rich in antioxidants to deliver anti-ageing benefits.



No matter where you are in your skincare journey there is a serum or ampoule for you. Whether you’re looking to improve the texture of your skin, give it a little boost, or just keep it well moisturized, it’s something serum-liously consider!



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