No-Sebum Mineral Color Powder 5g

As low as RM28.00

A setting powder in three colours to address different complexion needs


1. Achieve a makeup base only a camera filter can achieve
These matte finishing powders correct skin and make-up tone after foundation application.


2. Gives a natural tone-up effect on the face through light reflection
Formulated with pearl Powder, applied with the Skinoptic spectrum™ technology, which reflects particular light wavelengths naturally, and gracefully adjusting and brightening the skin tone.


3. Creates a soft, powdery complexion with the porous powder technology that controls sweat and moisture
Through the porous powder particles, the sebum-control porous powder prevents skin from getting greasy caused by sweat or moisture.

- Violet: Dull and yellow undertone correction
- Green: Red spots and redness correction
- Peach: Pale skin tone correction

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