Hydrated Skin for Dummies

Hydrated Skin for Dummies
March 25, 2024
Hydrated Skin for Dummies

Hydrated Skin for Dummies

A Quick-start guide on unlocking your glow


Dry and dull skin getting you down? Caking on the concealer to hide your pesky breakouts? Are you struggling to uncover your “best self”? 

You are not alone!

Many of us have, at one point or another, struggled with skin hydration issues, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about! But of course, while there is no reason to be embarrassed, now that you have identified the issue - there is no sense in not doing something about it.

This time, we’re going to get it right!

Get your beauty sleep

It’s not a myth! Getting in your eight hours of shut eye will do wonders for your skin. A lack of sleep means a lack of time for all the important maintenance and repair work that your body needs to do, leading to dry and dehydrated skin when you wake up. The worst part is that you can’t really make up for it with naps - you’ve gotta try to put in those hours if you want the glow.


You are what you eat (and drink!)

It’s been said time and time again, but we still have a hard time swallowing the truth! Eating well and drinking plenty of water will do amazing things for your skin and there is no real way around that. Drinking loads of water and ensuring your diet includes whole foods with minimal processing, fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and good sources of omega-3 will give your skin a healthy cornucopia of goodness to build cells from. 

If most of what you’re putting into your body is highly processed, deep fried, or chock-full of refined sugars, you’re already at a disadvantage. If all you drink in a day is fruit juice and a couple cups of coffee, your skin is likely hurtin’ for some good ol’ H2O. 

Get movin’!

This is another tough road with no shortcut! Regular exercise will have you feeling great both inside and out. Physical activity increases blood flow and circulation which helps bring more nutrients and oxygen to the skin. As a result, your skin will look healthier, happier, and more hydrated. 


Additionally, regular exercise has been shown to reduce stress levels (high stress constricts blood vessels and leads to dull looking skin) which makes this a doubly worthwhile endeavour. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym, but it does mean making time and space for a moderate amount of movement in your day. It might also make sense for you to work in mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation. 

Build and maintain a strong moisture barrier

Keeping a clean and beautiful house can be challenging if you’re always leaving all your doors and windows open, and that’s what you’re doing to your skin when you don’t protect and maintain its moisture barrier. A strong skin barrier is the best way to ensure all the hard work you’re putting into your skin pays off in the long run. 

You can nourish and maintain your moisture barrier with a moisturizing serum like the Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Serum. It is due to the presence of Beauty Green Tea and encapsulated hyaluronic acid, that this serum is able to penetrate deep into your skin to moisturize your skin from the inside out.



Quit the bad habits

In with the good and out with the bad! If you’re really committed to going all in for glowing skin, you may have to make some sacrifices. This means cutting habits that can cause oxidative stress such as smoking and vaping. It could also mean saying “no” to that extra drink at the end of the night. 

Look, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. 

What I am here to tell you is that if you’re serious about your skin, there are clear answers to how we can get there. It’s not a guarantee for flawless skin, though. Each one of us is different and will likely require a different amount of effort to get our desired results.



But if you do want the results, then you’re going to have to work for them. 



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