Skincare for Summer

Skincare for Summer
June 10, 2024
Skincare for Summer

Skincare for Summer

A guide to being as hot as the weather


What do you picture when you think of summer time? 

I think of beaches, bathers, and ice cold beverages. It’s hard not to! It’s called “summer fun” for a reason! And while we get ready to soak up the sun and crack a cold one with the boys, it’s the perfect time to get thinking about the products we wanna grab as we head out of the house. 

Here are some of my hottest tips to keep you cool this summer!


Always use protection

Great weather means more time outside. I like vitamin D as much as the next person, but we’re always talking about making sure you get it safely!  Here are some of my summer must-haves:



Uh…doi! There’s no way for sunscreen to miss a spot on this list. A good sunscreen that feels good on your skin is a MUST. I always tell my friends to pick one based on the activity they’re gonna do: swimming, sports, even walking from shaded area to shaded area. We’re after a summer glow, remember? Not a summer “what on earth happened to you?!”



No-Sebum Mineral Powder

This little plastic puck is my favorite trick for keeping those telltale glistens of sweat and sebum at bay. This loose powder is the difference between me feeling myself and feeling like a fried egg plastered to the sidewalk!



Hot tip: I like to throw on a little powder on the roots of my hair when I’ve been out all day to maintain volume and to avoid my scalp getting itchy. 

Green Tea Hyaluronic Mist

Now this is a cheeky one! Its combination of green tea extract and hyaluronic acid is a match made in heaven for when the day is a scorcher. Just a spritz when you’re feeling the heat and it’ll make you feel right as rain!



Strut Your Stuff

Staying cool is great, but summer is also the best season for being hot! Here are some ways for you to turn up the heat and bring on a shine that’ll rival the sun. 

Vitamin C Green Tea Enzyme Brightening Serum

This brightening serum harnesses the power of vitamin C to even out your complexion and unlock your glow. It also contains green tea enzymes that soften stubborn dirt and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to make them easier to remove the next time you wash your face.



Dewy Tint Lip Balm

Show some color with these lip balms! There are five bright colors to choose from, but more importantly, they offer a hydrating, glossy finish - leaving your lips feeling soft and glassy!



Oh, do you hear that? The sea is calling my name! I better head out before I miss the boat! Hope you enjoy my tips for getting even more out of your summer skincare

Stay cool!



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