Tips and Tricks for Smooth Skin

Tips and Tricks for Smooth Skin
October 16, 2023
Tips and Tricks for Smooth Skin

Tips and Tricks for Smooth Skin

Take that confidence everywhere!


Everyone deserves to feel good in their skin

Whether you embrace your appearance au naturel, you love how you feel when you don full face makeup, or you land anywhere in between, it’s a great feeling to look into the mirror and love what you see.

Something that always makes me feel good is knowing my skin looks and feels as smooth as it can. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I associate flaky and rough skin with feeling tired and being overworked. (My uni days were pretty brutal.) So as I continue on my skincare journey, I’m always looking for ways to improve upon my skin texture.



Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start)

We can’t talk smooth skin without talking exfoliation. My exfoliation routine takes me from zero to hero, and I don’t know where I would be without it! I like to do a deep clay mask once to twice a week with the INNISFREE Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask to keep my pores feeling nice and clear. If you’re prone to dry skin, once a week is plenty. Just remember to wash it off before it dies completely!



Exfoliating does all the heavy lifting to get the grime and dead skin cell buildup off my skin so the rest of my skincare products can get to work. 

Releasing your glow

Did you know that part of having smooth skin is a trick of the light? Rough skin refracts light unevenly, which is what causes it to look dull. By evening out your skin texture and skin tone, you can make a change to allow your skin to refract light more evenly - making it look smoother.

The culprits of an uneven skin tone can be dead skin cell buildup, but it can also be redness and blemishes (like old acne scars and such). A refining product like the Vita C Green Tea Enzyme Brightening Serum can help with this specifically. Vitamin C will help to even out your skin’s complexion, while the Green Tea Enzyme weakens the bonds your of your dead skin cells, making them easier to remove the next time you wash your face.



The icing on the cake

Who doesn’t love a twofer? I’m a gal who can appreciate efficiency, so I love when my skincare products and makeup can pull double duty. The new UV Active Poreless Sunscreen is perfect for what we’re talking about today!

This one isn’t even just a two-in-one! No siree, this is a three-in-one product, providing UV protection, pore care, and acting as a primer. It contains soft focus powder, which helps to cover enlarged pores and bumps, and soothing ingredients like lotus flower, cypress, and aronia. 

In our crazy heat, I’m also loving that this suncare product is water-resistant. It has a silky smooth finish and a natural tone-up effect that’ll add a little zazz to your skin.

But of course, most importantly, it’s the UV protection that will do the most for you in the long run. Keeping your skin away from harmful UV rays is one of the best ways to ensure you’re looking smoother for longer, not to mention reducing your risk of sunburn, and even age spots.



Smooth operator

While it may not be possible for everyone to achieve a flawless complexion and porcelain smooth skin, it’s definitely okay to want it! As we always say here, the most important thing is your skin’s health. Clearing out the dirt and stagnant dead skin cells, soothing redness and irritation, and protecting your skin from external damage is absolutely going to take you in the right direction. 

Always do a patch test before starting with a new product, and always keep being the best you you can be!



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